In Oulu, I influence municipal decision-making as a member of the City Council and the City Board and as the chair of the BusinessOulu board. My goal is to increase vitality, intelligence and joy in society.

Vitality – influential and responsible business

Oulu thrives when its citizens and companies thrive. Good business does not just mean good money. A job does not just provide a livelihood, it enables people to shape their lives and work towards their dreams. Unemployment in Oulu has luckily decreased, but still and too many talented citizens become discouraged. Young people in particular struggle to find work in Oulu. Oulu needs more jobs and the best way to generate those jobs is to encourage more business.

Competence – the world’s best education

Oulu has a great reputation as a school town and as a center of expertise. Oulu also has a very young population. In theory, this should make it possible to make Oulu the most competent city of Finland, perhaps of Europe. In a competent city, it is not just the most talented who are given the tools to succeed. Instead, everyone is given the means to acquire and update the skillset they need to succeed, in business and in life. In such a city, learning and development is not endangered by short-sighted cuts from education.

Joy – happy and healthy city living

The population of Oulu grows each year thanks to migration, but in terms of attractiveness Oulu is still behind other major Finnish cities. More jobs and good education will attract more people but the city also needs better quality of life: nature, light, safety, places to meet each other, comfortable housing, exciting activities and events. In addition, it is high time to develop ecologic ways of moving in the city, namely cycling and public transportation.