Finding the talent in each citizen

Oulu thrives when its citizens thrive. We have to encourage a society that creates opportunities for everyone: both for the highly educated experts and for those with more wisdom of the heart. Youth and long-term unemployment are critically high in Oulu and too many new graduates leave Oulu after completing their degree.

  • Helping companies grow and hire staff by, e.g., developing entrepreneurship education and services for entrepreneurs and innovators.
  • Guiding youth to school or work by, e.g., investing in youth work and making sure everyone finds a place to study after finishing elementary education.
  • Promoting the employment of parents with young children by, e.g., offering all children a right to flexible and high quality day care.
  • Making better use of the talent of immigrants by, e.g., promoting language skills at work and offering help for early-stage entrepreneurs.

Moving more actively and ecologically

An active lifestyle increases well-being and makes it easier to balance life and work. We must ensure that the citizens and visitors of Oulu can continue to enjoy the clean air and nature of the North. It is also high time to develop public transportation and other ecological ways of moving in the city.

  • Encouraging cycling by, e.g., keeping cycling paths in good condition and offering safe parking spots.
  • Attracting citizens and visitors to the outdoors by, e.g., offering versatile opportunities for recreational activities.
  • Improving public transportation by, e.g., developing bus routes and schedules.
  • Encouraging more ecological driving by, e.g., increasing the number of charging spots for electric cars.

Creating a safe environment to grow up in

High quality education carries far. We must promise our children a safe and stimulating environment where everyone is given attention. The staff in day cares and schools are overburdened and far too many students suffer from health problems caused by the dangerously poor quality of indoor air.

  • Making sure that the staff in schools and day cares have enough resources for their work by, e.g., reducing class sizes.
  • Helping children and youth with problems by, e.g., providing adequate special education and mental health care services and preventing bullying.
  • Improving the poor quality of indoor air by, e.g., collecting crowd-funding for repairs and construction work.
  • Promoting the development of empathy and life skills by, e.g., supporting children’s encounters with people of different ages and backgrounds.

The list above is neither complete nor final and will be improved upon over time. Read more about the principles of the Greens.