Jaana Isohätälä
30 years old
Born in Oulu
MA, PhD candidate at the University of Oulu
What I enjoy most: spending time with loved ones, working out, slow mornings, the outdoors, good beer and baking.

E-mail: jaana.isohatala@ouka.fi

Born and raised in Oulu

Oulu is my beloved home town. I spent my childhood in Kaakkuri and went to school in Oulunlahti, Kuusiluoto and Lyseo. I have also lived in Kaijonharju and Raksila before moving to Toppila. In Toppila I live happily with my spouse, Teemu, our little daugther and our two lovely cats. What I particularly love about Oulu are the relaxed city culture, recreational opportunities, the kind people, as well as the light and nature of Northern Finland.

Educational researcher

I am doing research as part of my PhD at the Learning and Educational Technology research unit of the University of Oulu. As part of my research I explore how people can learn more easily in collaborative learning situations. My work has taught me to think critically and to base my decisions on research and facts. Previously, I graduated as a Finnish language teacher and taught Finnish to Finns and foreigners.

Green at heart

I promote sustainable growth and equality in many organizations. I am a board member in our family business and I have been actively involved in the Akava trade Union, the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers, and also in the Greens in Oulu. This has taught me the importance and power of good teamwork. Personally I make a conscious effort to live a green life by riding my bike to work, recycling and favoring local products for example.