Parliament elections

1517 times thank you! These votes were not enough to take me to the parliament but I am happy. 1517 votes is a great result, especially for a first-time candidate.

I ran for parliament in the elections in April 14, 2019. My voting number in the Oulu voting district was 27. My goal in the parliament was especially to promote entrepreneurship and employment, education and rapid measures to counter climate change.

Equal and profitable working life

- Equality in working life by modernizing the family leaves
- Universal basic income to reduce bureaucracy and to provide security for entrepreneurs
- Lighter workload for entrepreneurs by simplifying hiring practices and other obligations

Support for education and science

- Securing resources for schools and daycare to provide safe and reliable daily operations
- Allowing researchers work on a long-term basis
- Making good use of emerging knowledge by increasing funding for innovations

Saving the Earth for future generations

- Cleaner traffic by boosting travel by train
- Backing for nature conservation and circular economy
- Smaller carbon footprint by raising the carbon price


"I met Jaana when we were studying at the University. From early on, I was impressed by Jaana’s way of taking up new challenges. It was typical of Jaana to carefully look into the issues, have an open dialogue with others and get down to business with determination."
– Sohvi Pietilä

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